Grades are scary!


I think grades are really scary! you don’t know if you are going to get and A, B ,C, D or F, My class has a grading app we use called Aries today is the last day we get to turn in any work.

My grades were 3 A’s and 3 B’s  but now my teacher changed them and  have 2 C’s 2 B’s and 2 A’s I am trying my hardest to get them up.

Grades are really diffacult for me, some people don’t have a problem because there always up, some people dont care. Last year my over all grade was an F because I was a person who didn’t care this year I promised myself that I would make a difference and I did.

Do you have a problem with your grades?

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This is where I got the picture

Please don’t take me to the vet!

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I might of ate that doughnut

It looked so tasty and wet

Im sorry! Please don’t take me to the vet!

It was just sitting there on the counter.

I mean come on don’t be a downer

There was only a few

By a few I think there were two

It was your fault for not putting them up

Don’t blame me im just a pup!

Please, please, please don’t take me to the vet

Come on… I am your pet!






Facts about The Ocean!


Did you know that on avrige 2 tsunamis happen a year. Approximately every 15 years a destructive, ocean wide tsunami occurs. On average at least 25,000 people die from a tsunami.

                                                       Water Animals

There are over 1 million species in the ocean. There are 9 million species in the ocean that 

scientist haven’t descovered, Animals live in all kinds of different enviorments within the Ocean. 


Surfers don’t worry to much about shark attacks. The odds of getting killed are 1 in 36,

therefor there is a small chance of dying from a shark when you surf.

Biggest Fish in the Sea

      The biggest fish in the sea is the whale shark. Whales are mammals, just like people, and must breathe air. The whale shark got its name because the shark’s mouth is shaped just like baleen whales.

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100 Day Essay!

I woke up one morning and Annie asked me if I wanted to go to Dutch Bros.

I opened my eyes real wide and fell of my bed. I got my gray  joggers and a black shirt on.

Annie’s daughter, Ali, came with us. She’s 15. After we went to Dutch Bros, Annie brought us to a shop called Cuts For U. Annie told me I have to get a haircut, I didn’t want to. But later that day we were driving home and this big truck past us. When he past us, he scratch the side of her car…..

This is my 100 day essay hope you like it.