Facts about The Ocean!


Did you know that on avrige 2 tsunamis happen a year. Approximately every 15 years a destructive, ocean wide tsunami occurs. On average at least 25,000 people die from a tsunami.

                                                       Water Animals

There are over 1 million species in the ocean. There are 9 million species in the ocean that 

scientist haven’t descovered, Animals live in all kinds of different enviorments within the Ocean. 


Surfers don’t worry to much about shark attacks. The odds of getting killed are 1 in 36,

therefor there is a small chance of dying from a shark when you surf.

Biggest Fish in the Sea

      The biggest fish in the sea is the whale shark. Whales are mammals, just like people, and must breathe air. The whale shark got its name because the shark’s mouth is shaped just like baleen whales.

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